Butt n Hips Enlargement Set


  • USD: 84.95$

Grow your butt and hips with our natural estrogen’s boosting herbs, the enlargement set help build a massive size of your booty and hips fast !! this is no joke, it is super effective and tested and trusted with plenty reviews from our clients..

For a quick pronounced result, use the BUTT SET


– Massage oil (Enlarges your butt and hips)

– Butt syrup (Enlarges your feminine part from the inside by boosting oestrogen because of the phytoestrogen ingredients it contains and is 100 % safe ) to be taken 20ml ( lastly after meal)

– Butt n hips enlargement drink (enriched with enough phytoestrogen herb to enlarge your booty n hips from within)

Ensure to read product label for usage  directions.

It’s affordable
It’s safe! 
Why go under the knife, cuts, injections, to do liposuction that gives you hard-like rock booty that can never bounce and if unlucky becomes your sickness later..

Weight 2000 g


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